Does HAWGBLUD™ Really Work?

YES!! Here is a testimonial we received yesterday via email:

Sept 20, 2017

   I own a 1995 Harley-Davidson Electraglide Classic with 87,000 miles on it. It’s a little noisy, a little tired, but still a very reliable runner. It is difficult sometimes shifting into fifth, and finding neutral when it is hot. Gas mileage is around 35-36 mpg.

   I replaced the oils in the engine, primary drive, and transmission about a month ago. HAWGBLUD 20W50 was used as the replacement for all three components. I immediately noticed on start up that it was much quieter. Much less lifter and drivetrain noise. The bike shifted much better and neutral is now easy to find even when hot. With two full tanks through it the mileage is 40+ mpg. A solid 10% increase. I am very pleased with HAWGBLUD.

— Tom W., Medina, OH

Jefferson Green