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Upgrade Your V-Twin’s Performance And Ride Today - Money Back Guarantee!

HAWGBLUD™ 20W50 V-Twin Racing Motorcycle Oil. 100% Synthetic PAO/Ester Blend with Heavy Duty BLUDLINE™ Additive Package. Exceeds API requirements of CI-4/SL, JASO MA2 and meets requirements specified by JASO 4T. 

Why Upgrade To HAWGBLUD™?

  • Product Engineered For Racing and OEM V-Twin Machines

  • Smoother Transmission Operation/Shifting

  • Advanced Technology 100% Synthetic
  • Best Base Stocks Used - PAO/Ester Blend
  • Reduces Friction And Engine Wear
  • More Horsepower
  • Optimized Wet-Clutch Performance
  • Protects Against High-Temp Oxidation
  • Designed For Engine/Chaincase/Transmission
  • Keeps Engine Clean
  • Reduces Varnish
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Extends Time Between Oil Changes