"Since our race team switched racing oils to MotoBlud™ my clutch operation has greatly improved as well as improved transmission shift qualities".

Lauren Shaff, IXCR Bike, Kawasaki #9 – MotoBlud™

“Blud lubricants is an amazing product oil is great real sticky to climb up all the gears to last longer I really recommend this product!”

Kody Winiecki, Winiecki MotorSports, WORCS/AZOP UTV, #903, DirtBlud™

“Racing is hard, and I need an oil that’s capable of keeping my machine running smoothly the entire time. That’s why I chose blud lubricants. Hands down the best oil I’ve ever ran. And the customer service is top notch as well!”

Nathan Emmich, OXCR/GNCC/RCBB/IXCR Quad, Honda #93 – DirtBlud™

“I run 10w50 in my Honda Trx 450. While using blud lubricants my quad has been running smooth and my motors are always clean. When you have put your quad through 2 hours of brutal racing and your oil still looks clean, that's when you know you have a good oil company.”

Wyatt Wilkin, XC2 Pro-Am National Quad, Honda #621 – DirtBlud™

"I've been running dirt blud 10w-40 for the past few months and have noticed my motor running smoother and quieter than before. With the rebuild on my 2008 400ex just hitting 150 hours of hard racing and riding, I couldn't be more overjoyed about my switch to Blud Lubricants!”

Katie Friedman, IXCR/OXCR Quad, Honda #98 – DirtBlud™

"Thank you for the awesome protection in my daughter's 440ex Motocross quad she races with SEquads. Last race her rocker cover lost a plug and all the oil was lost as she raced. The engine survived with ZERO oil for half a lap because your oil protected it so well prior to the loss. Thank you Blud Lubricants!! No engine rebuild required!”  

Doug Burnett - Father of Amber Burnett, SE Quads

"I wasn't too stoked on synthetic oils well, when tried this oil, no slippage, no drag, 100% synthetic….. It 100% works! It's in my test bikes right now I have had 0 failures. It's really reliable oil, very good, 100% synthetic.”

Kris Keefer, Keefer Tested Podcast

“We have blud in it and love it.  Feels like it revs more freely.”

Eric Harrison, Wormhole Racing, AZOP UTV, #130 – DirtBlud™