4-Stroke Racing Engine Oils

0W20 |5W30 |10W40 | 10W50 | 15W50 | 20W50 |100% Synthetic

Introducing new generation base stocks and proprietary technology specifically created for the professional racer. Outstanding clutch feel with no slippage or grabbing. Provides for a smoother operating transmission, exceptional thermal stability, and enhanced protection against engine and transmission wear and tear.

Blud Lubricants® now offers three distinct series of racing oils:

  • Blud Powersports Series: Our original line of premier advanced technology racing oils created for 4 stroke engines under most racing conditions. These are the best racing oils for the money on the planet!! Pros love Bludl! Note: The Blud Powersports Series is replacing MotoBlud, DirtBlud and BikerBlud. Now all you need to know is the viscosity you want.

  • Blud Racing Pro Series: Formulated for racing at the top level. We designed this oil to protect and enhance the operation of high compression, highly tuned engines while maintaining a smooth transmission with excellent clutch control. Blud Racing Pro Series can increase horsepower and torque while reducing engine and clutch generated heat compared to a traditional petroleum racing oil. Use this product and your mechanic will thank you!

  • Blud Racing Pro Elite Series: A racing oil Beast!! Only for the most brutal of conditions - high heat, high humidity, silt, mud and/or all of these conditions. We believe that this is the finest racing oil on the market. There is nothing else like it available for the racing professional!!




Designed for professional racers to protect their engine while getting maximum performance. Pre-mix provides low friction, keeps engine and valves clean, and prevents piston rings and exhaust valves from sticking. 


Racing Engine Oils

0W20 | 5W30 | 5W40 | 5W50 | 10W60 | 20W50 | 5W30 Break-in |100% SYNTHETIC

Blud Racing’s Pro Series Engine Oils are formulated with outstanding base oils and cutting edge technology additives to maximize performance and to meet the high demands in racing applications. Blud Racing’s Pro Series Engine Oils help prevent sludge and varnish deposits to maintain an extremely clean engine.



2.5w |3W | 5w | 10W | 100% Synthetic

Shear stable and ultra-high viscosity. Suspension fluids protect seals, minimizes foaming, and reduces stiction and running friction under the most extreme racing conditions.



75w90 | 80W140 | 250W | 100% Synthetic

Designed for high temperatures, heavy loads, and racing speeds, these extreme performance gear oils are for use in transmissions and differentials. Created for long distance UTV/SxS racing. Fabulous wear protection and excellent film strength.


Pro Series Accessories

Chain Lube | Penetrating Lube | Degreaser | Polyclean | Detailer | pre-Race spray

Blud Lubricants is proud to announce its NEW line of products to keep your machine looking good & operating smoothly.