Why Red?

Every Blud Lubricants® product comes with it's signature RED color.

Why? First, Blud Lubricants® designed the oil to be visually interesting and reflect the meaning of the name. 'Blood' is RED and the life fluid of our body. 'Blud' is RED and the life fluid of your performance vehicle.

Second, the RED 'Blud' will darken over time with use as it cleans and protects your machine giving you a visual indicator that it's time to change the oil. When you are on a road trip in hot, dusty conditions a lab isn't always available for testing your oil and keeping your machine running the way it was designed.

Note: (1) This visual indicator shouldn't replace engine oil analysis by a reputable lab. Rather it was designed to help your decision when a lab isn't easily accessible. (2) The RED color of the oil is soluble and will not stain the metal parts of your beautiful machinery. Like most oils, the product will stain a variety of materials including cloth, paper, concrete etc.