2022 Racer Support Program

  • Applications for 2022 are now open.
  • Blud Lubricants® is actively seeking committed and talented racers.
  • 2021 Support will be extended into 2022. See details below.

Racer Support Information

Blud Lubricants® will extend its 2021 support program through the 2022 race season ending October 31, 2022. 

What does this mean for the current Blud racers?
Blud racers that have signed up and used the support portal during the 2021 season can continue to log in and enjoy the products at a discounted price during the 2022 race season. Blud's new website is set up so that the racer can access their discounted products immediately by using their application email to create a new account. Click on the login link and follow the instructions. If your email isn't found or if there are issues in creating the new account please contact Jeff Green at info@bludlubricants.com. 

For 2022 we are offering a free hat and stickers for first time support racers with their first order. To receive the hat and stickers please send us an email after you place your order and include your choice of hat from the Blud store.

What does this mean for racers that are not currently on the Blud Racing team or racers that did not accept their 2021 offer from Blud?
For everyone else the application on this page needs to be filled out to be considered for any type of support from Blud. It is easy and quick. Once you fill the form our you should hear back from someone at Blud about your application within two weeks. If you want to include a racing resume then please send to jeff@bludlubricants.com.

Top Pro Sponsorship (SX, MX, MOTOAMERICA)

Blud Lubricants® is an active supporter and sponsor of professional racers in the Monster Energy SX, Lucas MX, MotoAmerica, Triple Crown Series, Pro Endurocross, World Of Outlaw, NHRA and other top series. For more information about our 2022 program please contact Jeff Green via email at jeff@bludlubricants.com or via phone at 833-BLUD123.

Note: This program is only for full time professional racers or teams competing in one of the national series.


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