“ I was approached by Blud Lubricants to try their products. I chose to try their gear oil and NEVER have I seen a gear oil perform the way Blud does. After 8 races, I drained the Blud gear oil and it was crystal clear and looked brand new. Also, it doesn’t stink! It’s all I will run. ” -Joshua Shipley, 2019 ASCS San Tan Ford Desert Sprint Car Champion

“We’ve found the biggest thing in using Blud Lubricants is the decrease in maximum oil temperature. Their engine and gear oil has increased our bearing, pinion, and parts life. This is huge in the sprint car world.” ~ Danny Dietrich, Winner of 11 races in 2020

“ We choose to run Blud Lubricants because it extends the life of our engines and leaves our ring gears flawless. “ ~ Cory Eliason, Rudeen Racing, 6 wins/29 podiums in 2020

“ We choose Blud Lubricants in our car’s rear end because their Pro Series Gear Oil extends the rear end life significantly. “ ~ Tyler Tessemaker, Pit Crew Chief for Cory Eliason

"If you are just beginning you venture with Blud Lubricants you should hold on tight. Unbelievable results and Jefferson Green is one of the finest guys you’ll ever work with. I don’t think I’d ever consider going back to any other oil manufacture." ~ Glenn Turner, SE Quads Series

"I wasn't too stoked on synthetic oils but when I tried this oil there was no slippage, no drag, 100% synthetic….. It 100% works! It's in my test bikes right now I have had 0 failures. It's really reliable oil, very good, 100% synthetic.” ~ Kris Keefer, Keefer Tested Podcast

"Thank you for the awesome protection in my daughter's 440ex Motocross quad she races with SEquads. Last race her rocker cover lost a plug and all the oil was lost as she raced. The engine survived with ZERO oil for half a lap because your oil protected it so well prior to the loss. Thank you Blud Lubricants!! No engine rebuild required!" ~ Doug Burnett, father of SE Quads racer Amber Burnett

"Since switching to Blud Lubricants, I don’t have to change clutch plates after every moto for my rider! Clutch plate life has more than doubled by using Blud Lubricants, which saves time and money each weekend! Also less time changing oil after races allows more time to work on other aspects of the bike. Whole day of riding and clutch plates still look new." ~ Chas Kadlec, Triggr Racing, Pro SX and Pro MX



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