Barracuda Blud Series 10W40 Moto-UTV

Size: Quart
Sale price$22.00


Barracuda Blud™ is specially formulated for the most brutal racing conditions on Earth- extreme heat, high humidity, silt, and mud - and has been used by professional riders and teams in events including the Baja 1000, Baja 500, Mint 400, and Vegas to Reno and a host of others.

Barracuda Blud™ is our reformulated version of the Pro and Pro Elite Series oils. Our improved proprietary additive pack allows us to combine the two series into one while giving the rider/racer improved protection. The new oil is designed for unparalleled thermal stability, reduced engine wear, and ultimate protection. Barracuda Blud™ resists oxidation over 2x as long as our competitor racing oils. Why choose 2nd best? Run your machines with Blud to see and feel the difference. Blud Racing Barracuda Blud™ oils are tough.

100% Synthetic 4T Severe Duty Motorcycle Red Racing Oil
For Engine, Transmission, & Wet Clutch

  • Meets & Exceeds API, SL, & JASO MA MA2 Specifications
  • Formulated for Extreme Environments
  • Exceeds OEM Warranty Requirements
  • Will not VOID your OEM warranty
  • Maximizes Performance with Increased Horsepower & Torque
  • Reduced Wear Resulting in Longer Engine Life
  • Designed for 4 Stroke Engines
  • Not Detrimental for Engine Break In
  • Helps Engine Run Cooler in Extreme Heat

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Daniel Sheeley
Motor Oil

Great high quality oil by a great company that supports the sport nothing but good things to say

Austin Holdren
Great service!

Placed my order and it arrived the next evening great packaging! Highly recommend this product!

Aaron W
Built to Perform

I live in Florida so heat and humidity are a big factor in wear and tear. The 10w40 Barracuda oil performs extremely well adding clutch life and overall performance. With new bikes costing $10K these days why trust a subpar oil. Big fan and started using other Blud products in my cars as well.

NEVER disappoints

Running this oil in all my small engines now, the red color changing to dark is key for monitoring oil life in the small motors that we don't use hour meters on. For all of our race bikes and the SxS...Blud engine oil is a very worthwhile insurance policy. Highly recommend!

Jason Z

I've used Blud Synthetic exclusively in all my motorsport vehicles for about five years now. I spend too much money on engines to leave something like a lesser-quality oil to chance. Lubricants are one of those things that you only know works when they don't let you down, and they haven't. I recommend Blud constantly, and the only negative I've ever heard is the price, but for me, it's nothing compared to the piece of mind.

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