Typical Suspension Fluid Recommendations You Need To Know

Going faster and further is what racing is all about.

A lot of science goes into making that happen. It’s not simply opening the throttle a little more!

A good ride will depend on traction, handling and performance, as well as speed.

Creating that perfect storm comes down to a finely tuned motor and a good suspension system.

So, suspension fluid then becomes a major consideration.

Keep reading to discover our best recommendations for choosing a Blud suspension fluid to power your system.

What Does A Good Suspension Fluid Look Like?

Suspension fluid has a pretty important job. As a key component of your suspension system, it helps to absorb shocks, smooth out any bumps in your ride, and keep you in control of your vehicle no matter the terrain.

Cheaping out on this vital resource will mean you compromise on the quality of your ride. Obviously, this is a bad idea when the whole objective of riding is to achieve peak performance!

So, what does a good suspension fluid look like?

In the first instance, it looks like a Blud product! As racers ourselves, we do everything in our power to ensure our suspension fluids are the very best!

That’s because they contain these essential characteristics:


A suspension fluid with low viscosity will give you quick handling responses and precise damping adjustments. These are both essential for maintaining control at high speeds.

You will also want to consider the Viscosity Index (VI). The correct VI will ensure the fluid maintains viscosity even in extreme temperatures and conditions. Maintaining viscosity will help to ensure the consistent performance of your suspension system and a smoother ride on the track or off-road course.

All Blud products are formulated with the perfect viscosity for the demanding conditions your vehicle experiences. With low viscosity and a high VI, you won’t find a better option for racing.

Thermal Stability

The high temperatures generated in a racing engine can be pesky to navigate. We already know they can impact the viscosity of your suspension fluid, and they can also negatively impact the thermal stability. But not when you choose a Blud product!

You need good thermal stability to handle the temperature fluctuations generated while racing. A thermally stable fluid will maintain its viscosity and damping characteristics when the engine is cool and when it is piping hot. All Blud fluids are thermally stable, meaning more predictable responses and handling for you.

Low Foaming

If your suspension fluid experiences a foaming sensation then it can lead to inconsistent performance, meaning it doesn’t correctly lubricate your suspension system. And you don’t want that! A good suspension fluid like Blud’s range will have anti-foaming properties to maintain a consistently smooth ride.

Anti-Wear Components

Over time, the components within your suspension systems can suffer wear and tear, leading to degradation and even failure. That’s bad news for you as repairs can be costly and may even keep you away from the track.

By choosing a suspension fluid with anti-wear characteristics, you can minimize the risk of unnecessary wear on your suspension. Good suspension fluids will contain specially formulated additives to protect your suspension components from damage and corrosion. This helps to extend the lifespan of your suspension system, giving you more riding hours!

As Blud suspension fluids are one of the best options you can choose, of course they contain these essential anti-wear additives.

Good Lubrication

The whole idea of a suspension fluid is to keep your suspension system lubricated. That lubrication allows the moving parts to continue operating correctly and efficiently. Good lubricating properties will reduce friction between the moving components, boosting the durability and efficiency of your suspension. You can find all these excellent lubricating properties in the Blud range.

Suspension Fluid Considerations

Alright, now we know the characteristics of a good suspension fluid, it’s time for some specific considerations for choosing the right option for your vehicle.

What should you consider?


Like any product, there are varying degrees of quality when it comes to suspension fluid. Choosing a fluid produced by an excellent brand will guarantee quality and great racing results.

We strongly believe that the very best brand you can buy is Blud. We know it might sound like we are a little biased, but that’s just because we know the extreme quality of our brand and the thousands of hours spent by lubricant experts formulating the perfect fluid solutions.

Choosing an OEM option might give you okay results. But, you don’t ride to just be okay! You ride to achieve the ultimate results and peak performance. Blud will help you get there.


Cost is going to be a really good indicator of the quality of the product. You certainly pay for what you get. If you buy the cheapest product available, you are probably going to compromise on quality.

But, we aren’t saying you should buy the most expensive product on the market either. Quality synthetic suspension fluids are going to cost a little more than their basic counterparts. However, they aren’t necessarily going to break the bank either. Blud’s suspension fluids are still an affordable price for the quality you receive.

Suspension System

Your suspension system may have different demands than your neighbor’s! So, don't think there is a one-size-fits-all solution. Ensure the fluid you choose is compatible with your suspension system’s requirements and specifications. If you aren’t sure what those specifications are, then have a chat with our friendly team and we will be able to recommend the best product for your vehicle.

Test and Tune

In racing, fine-tuning your suspension system can help achieve the ideal balance of performance and handling. Taking the time to fuel that system with the right fluids and making the necessary operational tweaks will give you the ultimate handling ability for all track or off-road conditions, as well as your personal riding style.


Regular maintenance is essential for a consistently great performance. Even the best suspension fluids will need to be changed regularly to maintain optimal performance. The higher the stress of the racing environment, the more maintenance you will need. But, choosing a Blud suspension fluid will mean that you don’t have to perform essential maintenance tasks more than necessary.

The Blud Range

If you want the best, then Blud is the right choice. Racing is in our blud and we always strive to create the ultimate formulation for all racing vehicles and conditions.

That’s why we stock a range of different suspension fluids to suit any vehicle or system.

Browse our range now or get in touch with our knowledgeable team for helpful advice and support.