Just How Important Is Suspension Fluid?

The pursuit of peak racing performance is a never-ending journey.

You meticulously fine-tune every aspect of your ride to achieve maximum speed, handling, and control.

One of the key components in achieving all those things is your suspension system.

And there is an unsung hero keeping that system operating as it should… suspension fluid.

Just how important is suspension fluid?

Let’s find out now.

All About Synthetic Suspension Fluid

The suspension system is a key component in making sure you have a smooth and safe ride no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. Silently working away, your suspension helps to absorb shocks, smooth out any bumps and keep you in control of the car, bike or off-roader you are driving.

At the heart of your suspension system is a critical resource - suspension fluid. This specialized lubricant plays a crucial role in helping your suspension system operate as it should, improving the overall performance and handling of your vehicle.

Just how special is it? Well, synthetic suspension fluid is a sophisticated blend of synthetic base oils and performance-enhancing additives that have been meticulously formulated by racing experts to meet the demands of high performance suspension systems.

Unlike conventional or OEM suspension fluids, which may break down in extreme heat or under mechanical stress, synthetic varieties rise to the task. They have superior stability, viscosity control and reduced friction, giving you a consistent performance no matter the riding conditions.

Engineered with precision and purpose for the high performance realm, synthetic suspension fluids are tailored specifically for the extreme demands of road racing, street riding and off-road adventures.

Why Does Suspension Fluid Matter?

Suspension fluid is the lifeblood of your vehicle’s suspension system. It provides vital elements of lubrication, damping and hydraulic control which are all necessary for a responsive and stable drive.

One of the most important functions of suspension fluid is damping. That is the ability to absorb and dissipate the energy created by the bumps, impacts and vibrations you encounter while driving or riding. Without effective damping, your vehicle could be bouncing all over the road or track, compromising your handling (and making for a really uncomfortable drive!)

Synthetic suspension fluids excel in providing the right damping control to maintain traction and stability at high speeds. By reducing the transfer of energy from the road to the vehicle, synthetic suspension fluid gives the driver greater control. On top of the damping, these precision formulated fluids offer superior thermal stability and resistance to mechanical shear, ensuring a smooth and consistent ride even under the most punishing conditions.

Not just another maintenance item to tick off the list, suspension fluid is the key to unlocking your vehicle’s potential and keeping you safe while doing it!

Choosing A Suspension Fluid

There are many different suspension fluids on the market. So, how do you choose the right one for your vehicle? Here are some things to consider:


Different suspension systems can have varying requirements in terms of viscosity, damping properties and compatibility with the seals, gaskets and other components. Ensure that you choose a suspension fluid that is suitable for your specific vehicle.

Driving Conditions

Where will you be driving or riding your vehicle? Taking laps around a track can be very different to navigating off-road terrain. If you primarily ride in harsh conditions or at high speeds, you’ll need a suspension fluid with excellent thermal stability, shear resistance, damping, and durability to withstand the demands of your driving environment.

Viscosity Rating

Suspension fluids come in different viscosity grades to suit different vehicle specs. The level of viscosity determines their flow characteristics and their risk of degrading under pressure. You want a suspension fluid with a viscosity rating that matches the needs of your vehicle and driving style. Thicker fluids are better at damping, whereas thinner ones offer smoother suspension operation.

Then, you have the Goldilocks of suspension fluids - Euro Blud 7W High VI Suspension Fluid, which is the ultimate red racing suspension oil for road racing, street bikes and off-road suspensions.


Synthetic suspension fluids, especially the ones you find here at Blud, come with specialized additives that are designed to enhance your performance by reducing friction, minimizing foaming, and reducing wear on your suspension components. Choosing a suspension fluid with the right additives will help you to achieve peak performance.

Synthetic vs OEM

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) suspension fluids are fine for buzzing around town in a standard vehicle. But, in no way do you chill in your racing machine! That’s why you need a suspension fluid that is up to the task.

Superior to OEM varieties, synthetic suspension fluids are specifically created for the demanding racing environment. With years of research, formulation and testing going into them, along with utilizing state-of-the-art ingredients, synthetic suspension fluids provide better ride quality, enhanced vehicle stability, reduced noise, and optimized vehicle dynamics. And they do all of this while protecting the components in your suspension system.

In short, Blud Lubricants gives you synthetic suspension fluids that offer the smoothest, most stable ride you’ve ever experienced - you’ll leave the OEM varieties in your dust!

The Ultimate Option

We’ve just introduced the ultimate suspension fluid to our Blud Lubricants range…

Meet EuroBlud 7W High VI Suspension Fluid.

A 100% synthetic red racing suspension oil, EuroBlud 7W is perfect for road racing, street bikes and off-road suspensions. With a high viscosity index for exceptional stability, minimized foaming for maximum control, reduced friction for superior handling and excellent thermal stability, it is the ultimate choice in suspension fluids for your racing machine.

Formulated for high performance, prevention from seal hardening, shear stability, and the elimination of unnecessary wear, your vehicle will love it.

Check out EuroBlud 7W here, or get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions about which suspension fluid is right for your vehicle.