Why You Need A High Performance Lubricant Like Racing Oil

It is always important to use the right tool for the job. Otherwise, you can’t possibly hope for a good end result.

You wouldn’t use a hammer to tighten a screw because it simply wouldn't do the job properly!

So, why would you jeopardize the engine of your racing vehicle by using the wrong components? The end result could be catastrophic.

In order to achieve the best performance when racing, you need a high performance lubricant like racing oil.

Find out why that is and how to get the right racing oil for your needs now.

Why You Need A High Performance Lubricant Like Racing Oil

What Is Racing Oil?

Racing oil is a motor oil that is used specifically by people with high performance or racing vehicles. Also known as high performance lubricant or racing engine oil, it is a motor oil that is specially formulated for use in racing engines.

A racing engine typically operates under more extreme conditions than a standard car engine. Racing engines reach higher temperatures and RPM (revolutions per minute) than your average car. So, the engine and its components are under a significant amount of stress while racing.

Racing specific oil is designed to protect your engine under these conditions and provide enhanced performance, allowing a better overall racing experience.

What Makes Racing Oil Different?

What is it that makes racing oil better suited for a high performance environment? Well, racing oil has a different base chemistry to a standard street oil. It also contains certain additives that are specifically designed to improve the lubrication efficiency and protection of the various engine components while delivering an exceptionally smooth ride.

Blud Racing Oils are specifically designed to reduce friction and wear, lower the operating temperature of your engine, and minimize the risk of performance hindering sludge and grime from forming. They keep the internal aspects of your engine cleaner and help it to function more effectively.

Why Choose Racing Oil?

As we just learned, racing oil is formulated with certain characteristics to protect and enhance your vehicle’s engine. These are some of the reasons why you should choose a high quality lubricant like racing oil:


Viscosity refers to the consistency of the oil. Typically, racing oil has a lower viscosity which means it is a thinner consistency than street oil. Racing engines tend to generate a lot of heat as they operate at a higher RPM. This can lead to increased friction and greater stress on your engine components.

A lower viscosity oil helps to reduce friction and drag, allowing your engine to operate more efficiently at high speeds. It is also able to withstand high temperatures without breaking down, maintaining its lubricating properties in extreme heat.


As we already mentioned, racing oils contain certain additives to help them perform better. They include anti-wear and anti-friction agents, detergents, dispersants and rust or corrosion resistance. These tailored and specialized oil blends will provide enhanced protection for your engine and maximized performance under the extreme conditions experienced while racing.


Racing engines work hard, which means they need a lubricant that works just as hard and won’t fail under extreme pressure. Racing oils are designed to continue operating as they should in intense conditions. That means they will maintain their viscosity, ensuring consistent lubrication and protection of your engine.


Fuel efficiency is a big consideration when racing. That’s why racing oils are formulated to work with high-octane racing fuels as well as the unique combustion characteristics and demands of a racing engine. Not only does that maximize the performance of your engine, but it also maximizes the fuel efficiency too.

The Risks Of Street Oil In Racing Vehicles

Street oil is designed for use in a standard vehicle, which means it can’t possibly meet the demands of a high performance engine. As modern cars have evolved, so too have street oils.

That means many street oils have reduced anti-wear qualities as they simply aren’t needed with the low-friction operation of a standard vehicle motor. Unfortunately, using this kind of product in a high performance vehicle increases the chance of engine damage or failure.

If you try using standard street oil in your racing vehicle, you are sure to notice a difference in performance. But, that’s not all you will experience. Street oil will not provide the correct level of lubrication or protection when racing. This can lead to greater wear and damage, putting your whole engine at risk.

That’s why it is vital you use a racing specific oil to protect and prolong the life of your engine, and maximize your racing performance.

Finding The Right Racing Oil

When it comes to high performance lubricants like racing oil, there are a number of options to choose from. That means, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

The best way to ensure you get the right option for your vehicle is to discuss it with our expert team. We know engines and what makes them purr like a kitten. So, we will be able to advise which lubricant will maximize the performance of your car, truck or bike and meet the high demands of racing.

Contact our team or browse our extensive range of lubricants now.