HAWGBLUD™ 20W50 V-Twin Motorcycle Oil

Size: Quart
Sale price$16.95


1 Quart - HAWGBLUD™ 20W50 V-Twin Motorcycle Oil. 100% Synthetic PAO/Ester Blend with Heavy Duty Additive Package. Exceeds API requirements of CI-4/SL, JASO MA2 and meets requirements specified by JASO 4T. 

  • Highly Oxidation Stable - protects from oil thickening, hi temp sludge, varnish
  • Shear Stable VI protects against viscosity breakdown in severe service
  • Detergent-dispersants keeps engine parts clean
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Anti-wear agents protect cam lobes and other highly loaded parts from wear
  • Engineered for use in engine crankcase, chaincase and transmission
  • Extended lubricant life over petroleum based oils and many "so-called" synthetic oils
  • Superior base stocks help reduce engine operating temperature due to less friction

Product is recommended for all types of motorcycles and even mopeds.

Money Back Guarantee! 

UPC 86210000409

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