Pro Series 75W90 Gear Oil

Size: Quart
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BLUD Lubricants' ™ Pro Series 75W90 Gear Oil is a cutting-edge 100% Synthetic Limited Slip Red Racing Oil formulated to deliver superior performance across a range of automotive applications. Our premium gear oil is designed for use in Differentials, Transmissions, and Wet Clutch systems, making it a versatile solution for high-performance vehicles.

Key Features:

75W-90 Gear Oil: Specifically engineered as a 75W-90 viscosity grade, this oil ensures optimal lubrication and protection, particularly in challenging operating conditions.

Exceeds GL-5 Specifications: This gear oil surpasses GL-5 specifications, underscoring its commitment to meeting and exceeding industry standards for gear lubrication.

Exceptional Thermal Stability: The formulation boasts exceptional thermal stability, making it well-suited for applications that subject the lubricant to varying temperature extremes.

Formulated for Clutch Type Limited Slip Differentials: Tailored for use in Clutch Type Limited Slip Differentials, this oil minimizes wear and provides consistent performance in demanding driving conditions.

Outstanding Shear Stability: The gear oil exhibits outstanding shear stability, maintaining its viscosity and lubricating properties under the stresses encountered in high-performance applications.

Extended Drain Intervals: Engineered for extended drain intervals, this gear oil enhances convenience and cost-effectiveness while ensuring long-lasting protection for your vehicle's components.

Exceeds OEM Warranty Requirements: This Pro Series gear oil not only meets but exceeds OEM warranty requirements, instilling confidence in its quality and reliability.

Compliance with Industry Standards:

Standards Compliance: Meets or exceeds the following standards - SAE J2360, MT-1, Ford WDS-M2C200-C, MACK GO-J, MACK GO-J Plus, Scanna STO 1:0, MAN 342 Long Life.

Elevate your vehicle's performance with BLUD Lubricants' Pro Series 75W90 Gear Oil, a top-tier synthetic racing oil that goes beyond industry benchmarks to provide unparalleled protection and efficiency for your drivetrain components. Upgrade to the best-in-class lubrication for a smoother, more reliable driving experience.

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