Scorpion Blud Clutch Rx™ 15W50 MOTO-UTV

Size: Quart
Sale price$30.00


Scorpion Blud Clutch Rx™ Moto Engine Oils are ultra premium mPAO based fluids designed for the most extreme stresses on your clutch during racing or hard riding. These oils will give the racer protection and performance during a race that will allow them to focus on winning.

100% Synthetic mPAO Based Red Racing Oil

  • Virtually Eliminates Clutch Slippage
  • Designed for Quads, Motorcycles and UTVs
  • For Engine, Transmission, Wet-Clutch
  • Excellent Oxidation Resistance Compared To Other Leading Brands
  • Exceeds OEM Warranty Requirements
  • Maximizes Performance With Increased HP & Torque
  • Reduced Wear Resulting In Longer Engine Life
  • Designed For 4 Stroke Engines
  • Excellent For 2 Stroke Transmission/Wet Clutch
  • Meets And Exceeds JASO MA MA2 Standards
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Helps Engine Run Cooler In Extreme Heat

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