Can The Right Lubricant Improve Your Fuel Efficiency?

Every driver wants the best performance possible from their vehicle.

Which means that fuel efficiency is a top consideration.

When your vehicle isn't guzzling the gas you can drive further and for longer.

So, how can you improve that fuel efficiency?

Does the secret to longevity lie in the lubricant you are using?

Let’s explore this idea to see if selecting the right kind of lubricant for your vehicle can positively impact your fuel efficiency.

Can The Right Lubricant Improve Fuel Efficiency?

The question is, can the right lubricant improve your fuel efficiency?

And the answer is a resounding yes!

By choosing the right lubricant for your car, you can certainly influence its performance. In fact, the right oil can put more miles between you and the gas pump meaning you have to fuel up less. The end result is more efficiency from your gas tank and better performance for your vehicle. That’s good news all around!

But, it is important to remember that lubricant is not the only factor to consider for fuel economy. If you do not perform other essential maintenance tasks on your vehicle, you can’t rely solely on lubricant to improve your fuel efficiency.

How Lubricant Improves Fuel Efficiency

How can putting one liquid into your vehicle result in you needing less of another? Here are just some of the ways that good lubricant can save on gas:

A Fraction Less Friction

One of the main functions of a lubricant is to reduce friction between the moving parts within your engine. When friction occurs, it consumes energy in the form of heat. This loss of energy translates into wasted fuel because your engine has to work harder to maintain its operating speed due to also working hard to overcome friction.

When you can reduce the amount of friction caused, it will mean less energy is lost. This allows your engine to operate more efficiently, increasing the chances of better fuel optimisation.

Better Engine Performance

A good lubricant will help maintain the cleanliness of your engine by preventing buildup from forming on the various components within. When your engine is clean, everything operates more effectively. That means better fuel combustion and improved fuel efficiency.

Correct Viscosity

The viscosity of a lubricant affects how easily it flows and how well it protects the components of your engine. Using the correct viscosity ensures proper lubrication and can contribute to optimal fuel efficiency.

Racing oil typically has a lower viscosity which helps to reduce friction and drag. This enables your entire engine to operate more efficiently, despite the high speeds that you travel at while racing or handling a high performance vehicle.

Temperature Regulation

Racing engines tend to operate at very high temperatures due to their higher RPM. However, excessive heat is not good for an engine as it can cause its components to expand unevenly. This can lead to poor performance and increased wear and tear.

The right lubricant can help regulate the temperature in your engine by dissipating heat away from its critical components. The wrong lubricant will degrade and become less effective under these extreme conditions, increasing friction and fuel consumption.

So, choosing an effective lubricant is essential as it regulates your engine temperature, minimises overheating and preserves your fuel efficiency.

Seal Protection

When the seals in your engine dry out, they can become brittle and may crack. Lubricants help to maintain the integrity of those seals, as well as your gaskets. This helps to prevent leaks from occurring. Leaks can lead to loss of engine power and can increase your fuel consumption. Keeping your seals working as they should leads to better fuel efficiency.

Reduced Wear And Tear

Because high quality lubricants reduce friction and the potential for overheating, they protect the various components of your engine from unnecessary wear and tear. This prolongs their lifespan and ensures optimum performance. When your engine components are well maintained and in good condition it helps to improve your fuel efficiency.

What Is The Right Lubricant?

We keep mentioning the ‘right lubricant’. So, which is the right lubricant for your vehicle? Well, for a start, you want to choose a lubricant that is specially formulated for high performance and racing vehicles. That way, you know it will be up to the task!

This will mean you are looking for a high-quality synthetic lubricant with low viscosity and good stability. Fortunately, you are here now, so you are already looking in the right place!

Here at Blud Lubricants “Racing Is In Our Blud”. That means we stock a wide range of engine oils and lubricants that are specially designed to perform under intense conditions. They work hard to ensure consistent lubrication and protection of your engine. And as we’ve just learned, when your engine is operating optimally, you are creating good fuel efficiency too.

You can browse our entire range of lubricants on our website, or if you aren’t sure exactly what you need, get in touch with our friendly team for some expert guidance.