Does A Clean Car Really Go Faster?

Spending countless hours fine-tuning your vehicle’s engine is only part of the maintenance needed for the ultimate racing performance.

You’ll also want to take the time to make sure the exterior sparkles and shines.

Why, you ask?

Can a clean and shiny vehicle make you go faster?

Truth bomb… yes, yes it can!

Let’s look into the ways cleaning your car can help to improve your racing performance now.

5 Ways A Clean Car Helps You Race Better

We promise that this is a kind of cleaning you can actually get excited about. No one likes loading the dishwasher or putting the dirty socks in the washing machine! But, cleaning, grooming and buffing a race car… that's the kind of cleaning we love to do.

And here are 5 essential ways that cleaning your vehicle can help its racing performance:

1: Optimizes Engine Performance

Regardless of the surface you race on, performance vehicles all operate under extreme conditions. That means as they are whipping around the track, turf or road, in the wet or dry, they are slowly accumulating dirt, grease and grime every race.

When a build-up of these components starts to happen, it can hinder the overall performance of your vehicle. That’s why it is important to regularly clean the various components of your engine with a degreasing product designed to remove these nasties. Removing the built-up residue can help to maintain your engine’s efficiency and enhance your performance.

2: Mindset and Appeal

High-performance vehicles often have meticulously crafted exteriors. So, you want to show it off to the world! A quality wash n wax product can help preserve your vehicle's glossy finish, protecting it from environmental elements like UV rays, road debris, and contaminants.

Keeping your vehicle clean makes it look good. When your vehicle looks good, you feel good. This may sound a bit silly, but how you feel can significantly impact your racing ability.

The fastest car in the world is never going to win a race unless the driver is equipped to perform at their best. So, when you feel good, you can clear your mind of negativity, focus on the road ahead and race to the best of your ability.

3: Enhanced Safety

Sure, a clean vehicle looks good, and we’ve just learnt that looking good is important for your racing mindset. But cleanliness is about more than looks. It can also help to enhance the safety of your vehicle. Build-up of any kind can compromise the efficiency of your vehicle. But some build-up can be particularly dangerous.

Build-up of dirt and grime on your windows and mirrors can obscure your vision, creating a higher risk of accidents and crashes. Dirty windscreens are particularly dangerous if you happen to encounter natural dangers like sunstrike.

Regular cleaning with a detailer product can help to ensure clear visibility, better reaction times, reduced risk of accidents, and all-around improved racing.

4: Prevention of Damage

As we just mentioned, racecars and high-performance vehicles are notorious for picking up dirt, grime and grease as they race. Without proper maintenance, accumulated grime can lead to corrosion and damage to critical components. This can compromise the safety, performance and efficiency of your vehicle.

Regularly using a degreaser can help remove corrosive substances. This can protect your vehicle’s vital parts and prolong its lifespan.

5: Optimized Aerodynamics

A clean exterior not only looks good, but it helps your performance too. Clean, sleek surfaces are crucial for maintaining optimal aerodynamics, especially in a racing vehicle when every fraction of a second counts. Removing dirt and debris reduces drag and improves airflow over the vehicle. This can help to enhance its overall performance on the track or road.

Regular cleaning will help to keep your vehicle sleek and shiny, reducing the chance of wind drag, helping you to cut through the air as fast as possible!

Does A Clean Car Go Faster?

So, keeping all that info in mind, we don’t really need to ask whether a clean car goes faster, do we? You already know that it does! From reducing drag to optimizing engine performance, a spotless ride is your ticket to victory on the track and better racing overall. So grab your degreasers and detailers, fire up those engines, and leave your competition in the dust!

The only thing left to do is stock up on high quality cleaning products for your vehicle. Luckily, here at Blud, we have the ultimate range of cleaners and degreasers to help you get as much as you can from your engine.

So, stock up on your favourite products before you hit the track this summer - because in the world of racing, every second counts. Shop for cleaners and degreasers now.