Should I Use Synthetic Oil in My Motorcycle?

A common question that many motorcycle owners wonder is whether they need to use synthetic oil in their bikes. With mineral oils and semi-synthetic options available, choosing the right motorcycle oil for your bike can be confusing. 

While there are many different opinions on the best motor oil, the short answer is: yes, synthetic oil is generally the best choice for your motorcycle. Fully synthetic oils offer many protection and performance advantages over other types of oils. In this article, we'll dive deeper into the basics of synthetic motorcycle oil, going over how it differs from mineral oils and the benefits of selecting this type of oil for your motorcycle. 

The Science Behind Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Synthetic oils are meticulously engineered to achieve high-performance capabilities. With carefully chosen additives and superior base oils, synthetic oils perform better and last longer than conventional oil, especially under extreme riding conditions, such as racing. In comparison, mineral oils are derived from crude oil and contain impurities that can affect performance. Overall, the chemical process of synthetic oils results in a more refined and pure oil that's consistent, providing superior lubrication and protection for your motorcycle's engine.

The Benefits of Synthetic Oil

One of the primary advantages of synthetic motorcycle oil is its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Motorcycles, especially high-performance ones, can generate intense heat during operation. Synthetic oil excels in maintaining viscosity under such conditions, ensuring that critical engine components receive proper lubrication. This characteristic is particularly beneficial for riders who live in climates with extreme temperature fluctuations, as synthetic oil can remain stable and effective in both hot and cold weather.

Furthermore, synthetic motorcycle oil boasts superior resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown. Over time, all oils undergo a process called oxidation, where they react with oxygen and break down into sludge. Synthetic oils, however, resist oxidation more effectively than mineral oils, leading to cleaner engines and longer oil change intervals. This resistance to thermal breakdown also means that synthetic oil retains its protective properties for an extended period, reducing wear and tear on engine components.

Synthetic oil's advantages become even more apparent when compared to semi-synthetic oils, which are a blend of conventional mineral oil and synthetic additives. While semi-synthetic oils offer some benefits of both types, they may not match the performance of fully synthetic oils. The purity and consistency of synthetic oil result in improved lubrication and reduced friction, leading to enhanced fuel efficiency and increased horsepower.

Our 100% Synthetic Motorcycle Oils

At Blud Lubricants, we offer a range of fully synthetic motorcycle oils that offer superior protection and performance advantages. For example, our Scorpion Blud Clutch Rx™ 15W50 MOTO-UTV is a premium formula that offers several performance advantages, such as virtually eliminating clutch slippage and potential gains in horsepower and torque. It also offers great protection benefits like reduced wear and enhanced thermal stability, even during extreme riding conditions, such as racing.

So, overall, if you're looking for the best oil to use in your motorcycle, you'll want to opt for a high-quality 100% synthetic oil. Get in touch with our team if you have any questions about choosing one of the synthetic oils from our selection.