The Blud Lubricants 4-Hour Endurance RACE

The Blud Lubricants 4-Hour Endurance, promoted by the UtahSBA

Blud Lubricants has agreed to partner with the UtahSBA to sponsor the 4-Hour Endurance race scheduled for September 14th, 2019!

Blud Lubricants is a premium supplier of motor oil and care products for the powersports industry. You can learn more here:

Sponsorship and Purse Information:

Blud Lubricants sponsorship will go to pay purse money in both of the classes with the breakdown as follows:

For True Endurance and Relay Endurance:

1st Place: $800
2nd Place: $500
3rd Place: $200

Contingency Program:

In addition to the purse money available to all competitors, Blud Racing has announced a contingency program for teams using Blud Racing oil in their competition machines for this race.

True Endurance and Relay Endurance (all bikes on the team must use Blud Racing Oil in the race), contingency will be paid to eligible teams by Blud Lubricants. Blud Lubricants is the sole determinant of eligibility for contingency.

1st Place: $500
2nd Place: $250
3rd Place: $100

To sign up for the contingency program for the Blud Lubricants 4-Hour Endurance follow this link:

Rider Support:

Blud Racing also has sponsorship opportunities available and is looking to promote their product through the support of club racers. Please take a moment to check out those opportunities at this link:

Jefferson Green